IR Convection Oven (TC series)

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Nordson ASYMTEK’s inline cure oven features a flexible design ideal for mid- to high-volume production. The CE-compliant oven’s infrared panels and exclusive heat dispersion plates ensure optimal heat transfer by convection.

This high-performance heating module provides precise, repeatable, closed-loop control of conveyor speed and internal thermal environment. Process control of all system parameters and events is achieved through Windows®-based software, with an easy-to-use graphical interface. Available in a choice of four heating lengths.


Heating zones can be configured to meet specific application requirements
The conveyor is dimensionally SMEMA- compatible for smooth integration into existing production line
Easy access to interior subassemblies aids preventive maintenance and cleaning
Solvent ventilation system allows safe, efficient evacuation of volatile materials
CE-certified to ensure conformity to the safety and quality standards of the European Community
Manufactured and shipped in Europe.

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