SMD chip counter

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COU2000 series products is a high efficiency assisting equipment of SMD
materials control, it is based on photoelectric theory. It make use of the corresponding
relationship between the tractive hole of the carrier tape and the pockets, so as to
accurately determine the quantity of SMD parts, and achieve fast and convenient
counting of the parts. It is undoubtedly a good help for materials management.


Technical details
High precision and free from counting errors.
All SMD general-purpose reeling packing parts are applicable.
Countable for in both forward and reverse directions, with double check
feature; able to preset the quantity.
Simple operation and unique pocket falling-proof design will minimize
the damage to the tape.
The patented inclined operation panel enables users to see the parts in
both the display and the pockets.
Electric Source 220V AC﹝50hz﹞25W
Counting range -59999—-+59999 PCS
Dimension(outer) 450*240*272mm (W*D*H)
Weight 9.5 kg

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