ER2225 High Temperature Resistant Epoxy

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ER2225 a black epoxy potting compound formulated to meet the exacting requirements of the automotive industry, although will find application in a wide range of industries where high temperature and chemical resistance are called for. Designed as a potting compound for electronic units, or to encapsulate components such as sensors, ER2225 has excellent chemical resistance to a wide range of chemicals and fluids. It also offers a wide continuous temperature operating range (-40 to +180°C), with the ability of going up to 210°C for short excursions, and shows good thermal conductivity (1.1W/m.K), offering superb combined protection of electronic components and electrical devices. However due to its versatility it can be used in a variety of other electronics applications where protection against thermal cycling is required. Although ER2225 does contain fillers, it shows good flow around components in a unit.


Approvals RoHS Compliant (2015/863/EU): Yes
UL Approval: No
Properties: Base Material Epoxy
Density Part A – Resin (g/ml) 1.58
Density Part B – Hardener (g/ml) 0.96
Part A Viscosity (mPa s @ 23ºC) 70000-100000
Part B Viscosity (mPa s @ 23ºC) 50-100
Mixed System Viscosity (mPa s @ 23ºC) 10000-12000
Mix Ratio (Weight) 7.68 : 1
Mix Ratio (Volume) 4.67 : 1
Usable Life (20°C) 50 mins
Gel Time (23°C) 2 hours
Cure Time (23°C) 24 hours
Cure Time (60°C) 2 hours
Cure Time (100°C) 30 mins
Colour Part A – Resin Black
Colour Part B – Hardener Colourless to light brown
Storage Conditions Dry Conditions: Above 15°C, Below 35°C
Shelf Life 12 months
Shrinkage <0.5%

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