SX-25 stereo microscope

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Entry-Level Stereo Microscope
Low cost and high quality, the SX25 entry-level zoom stereo microscope delivers performance, flexibility and reliability. Quality optics ensures superb stereo viewing.
10x – 45x magnification (180x max.)
Low cost, robust, high quality binocular stereo microscope
Range of stand options to suit requirements


10x – 45x* (4.5:1 zoom ratio) stereo zoom magnification (180x max.)
(* with standard 1x objective)
Low cost stereo microscope with high quality optics
Precision optics deliver high resolution and flat field
Long-life (up to 6,000 hours), true colour LED illumination
Long working distance and large depth of field
Robust and easy to use
Optical data

EyepiecesObjective LensesZoom RangeWorking Distance
10x/20 E.W.0.5x*5x – 22.5x180mm
15x/16 W.F.0.5x*7.5x – 33.8x180mm
20x/11 W.F.0.5x*10x – 45x180mm
10x/20 E.W..0.75x7.5x – 33.8x120mm
15x/16 W.F.0.75x11.3x – 50.6x120mm
20x/11 W.F.0.75x15x – 67.5x120mm
10x/20 E.W.1.0x10x – 45x97mm
15x/16 W.F.1.0x15x – 67.5x97mm
20x/11 W.F.1.0x20x – 90x97mm
10x/20 E.W.2.0x20x – 90x30mm
15x/16 W.F.2.0x30x – 135x30mm
20x/11 W.F.2.0x40x – 180x30mm
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